In 1978, the Broward County Sheriff's Office started it's Bomb and Arson Unit with the usual state of the art equipment of the times, a hook and rope. Now, starting with the new Mellennium, our unit can handle the county of Broward with the most up-to-date equipment available. Along with handling bomb calls, unit members also teach at the Criminal Justice Institute, instruct corporations and institutions on bomb threat managment and procedures, conduct crime scene investigations at suspicious fires and assist local, state and federal agencies with bombings, fires, and dignitary protection. In 1997, the bomb data center ranked our unit as the 18th most active in the United States.

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Past members of the BSO Bomb Squad:

Tim Campbell (Commander)

Jim Walkup (Commander)

Dennis Regan (Commander)

Rick Frey

Jim Hansen

Chris Snyder

Bill Case

*Jim Torgerson*

Al Bolwell

Mike McDermott

Detective Michael Hartmann

Max (Canine)

Bruno (Canine)

Rex (Canine)

In 1994, Jim Torgerson passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. The Bomb Squad, with the help of the Artificial Reef Foundation and numerous others, acquired a Navy Ship to be made into the "Jim Torgerson Artificial Reef" just off the Pompano Pier in Pompano Beach Florida. Jim, not expected to survive over 6 months, was present at the sinking of this ship in his honor, along with his son Kim Torgerson, an active member of the U.S. Navy. Below is a picture of "Jim's Ship" at the moment of detonation. Jim Torgerson will always be remembered for his dedication to the citizens of Broward County and is missed by every member of this unit.

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